Mission: To Develop the True Human Potential

UNITED GENIUS is a concept that was conceived when I began to think big ideas and explored to discover truth and identify purpose in life. My intention to simplify the single basic desire that drove me as a human being helped to unveil that which I perceived to be important in each moment of time. I thought about giving my own account of the life experience and logged my study as time unfolded. This blog is where I will publish and share my notes of a pursuit to develop the true human potential.

Truly, we can all make the world a better place in which to live by simplifying our individual lives to become more compassionate and giving beings.

What if we had a unified framework & integrated approach to living life on this planet? My name is Dustin McQuillan, founder of Think Big Ideas, Inc., and I believe in a vision that can transform our society for the better. It is time that we innovate the way our collective power is directed to better connect, unite, and influence well-being.

In order to drive change forward for our society as a whole, let’s concentrate our effort to develop the true human potential. Every individual has one or more unique talents that can be contributed towards creating and innovating new solutions. It’s a matter of organizing resources and connecting opportunities so we can all function at the level we are truly capable of attaining.

We need to be diligent and pursue the things which make for peace and the building up of one another. Before we start to think of ways to improve the world as it is today, we need to invest time to understand the purpose of an objective that backs our deepest desire. It is through self-actualization that we can realize our true human potential – to liberate the mind’s collective genius that manifests reality for the better.

I hope you find light in the idea and join in the conversation. Together, we can increase access to a domain that not a lot of others have developed access to – United Genius.